The Spirit Of Bethune

2018 sees the Spirit Of Bethune “Waking Up”

The rise of fascism, abrupt climate change and economic chaos has begun to devastate our beautiful world.

The real Bethune was a humanitarian and strong anti-fascist.

Bethune was alive and highly active in saving lives in the rising chaos just before the outbreak of the second world war.

Again, we are entering an era of Climate Chaos, Social and Economic Chaos. But the enemy is us.

We’re Urgently Fundraising to:

1.) make a DOCUMENTARY,

2.) start a World Sustainability Tour

3.) develop and produce our A-I-Panda Avatar Toy – the Augmented Intelligence interface between humanity and the natural world_\!/

Instant Video:

In China, 11/11 (November 11) is Singles Day, or now better known as Online Shopping day. We’re going to do something MEANINGFUL_\!/


In the “Spirit Of Bethune” – Raising Money for projects to improve the health and longevity of humanity_\!/

Explainer Video: (2:50)

Mindless Consumerism is destroying the planet

We are providing a meaningful, environmentally-friendly and unique “Memory Auction” of personal items collected during travels through China and around the world.


(or click on the image below)

Items for Memory Auction

in Sunday’s MEMORY AUCTION and the “Last Goodbye” to the Spirit Of Bethune farm.

Visit the beautiful grounds of the “Spirit Of Bethune” farm_\!/

Some of the meaningful stories and small valuable items available for a donation bid_\!/

Famous, Classic “Yellow Rubber Duck” SIGNED gift from

Star-Studded heritage of the simple Rubber Duck –

LCP (soon and DaLong get along well with The world-famous artist/designer Florentijn Hofman and his iconic Rubber Duck…

Jackie Chan invites LCP (and me) to make friends with Rubber Duck

Coming Soon: XiaoYaBi

Spirit Of Bethune Farm greenhouse (now gone!)

CPG cap from filmmaker James Cameron and Vince Pace Group “CPG” (Avatar, Titanic) special memory from Hollywood_\!/ 

DaLong (Philip McMaster) at “Spirit Of Bethune” farm with AKA “Wednesday” the Low Carbon Panda_\!/

Ducks, geese and chickens at the farm.

The farm is being demolished to make way for healthy trees so Beijing residents can breathe cleaner air_\!/


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Confirm your RSVP, then you will get detailed , specific directions

YOU Are Warmly Welcomed to the farm before it is DEMOLISHED to make space for newly planted, healthy forest trees for Beijing_\!/

…if you can’t come on the last Memory Auction day, (Sunday 11th) you can still participate in the “Spirit Of Bethune” and support with a Generous Donation:


The Spirit Of Bethune in Nepal

Following in the humanitarian footsteps of the good doctor Bethune, Philip McMaster a Blockchain Ambassador also from Canada, is again travelling through the mountain country of Nepal – one of the most vulnerable nations on Earth (containing almost every climactic region on the planet, from tropical sea-level to the 3rd Pole) including the highest point on Earth, Mt. Everest.

Last year (2017) was the research and development expedition “Blockchain to Everest” exploring methods and locations to introduce “Caring Currency” the new “Social Credit”  SDGtoken and explaining the new Blockchain technology for recording social values and employing a physical game using “Block” analogies to help explain the process.

This year (2018) the planned “SDG2EVEREST” project continues (although funding for concept founder Philip McMaster did not come through and the EcoEverest Expedition continues without him) …and in spite of the lack of financial support,  he forges ahead with Social Credit to expand the SDG Challenge project and goes where he is invited and needed – this time to underdeveloped but beautiful Western Nepal “Rara Lake” area.


Instead of jet-setting around to promotional conferences at posh locations and facilities around the world, “preaching to the choir” to further hype a technology that holds so much promise, “Blockchain Bethune” is actually “on the ground” this time in rural Nepal. Far from the business, political and academic power centres of the world, Nepal is the kind of social and economic environment where the original concept of Blockchain Technology was intended to benefit common people. (e.g. Bank the Unbanked )

SDG Wisdom and and Instilling Character

Blockchain Bethune (Philip McMaster) is not only concerned with the unbanked, those kept poor by systemic corruption, people denied urban-centered services and students needing to build reputation and differentiate themselves, but also revealing the WISDOM of the rural mountain people. Exploring the emerging ways to empower people to defeat fascist centralization and obedience to money, denial of people’s basic needs and lift the global blanket of thought control, Philip’s mission is to reveal and share the wisdom of the ages in solving the SDG’s as well as building up the personal confidence, competence and problem-solving skills  and Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) in everyone he meets.


” Dear Friends, your URGENT DONATION is much needed, to continue the humanitarian efforts of “Blockchain Bethune” – working on the SDG challenge and “Race to SDG” in schools and vulnerable communities in Nepal…”

Donation – PayPal Email: contact (a)McMasterInstitute (dotcom)

Philip McMaster WeChat: “DaLong447218”

If you would like to help share Blockchain technology and the development of a non-monetary “Social Credit” system in Nepal – as a proving ground and showcase for Sustainable Development Goals around the world – please be generous and support the work and projects of Philip McMaster. As above, you can donate directly through “PayPal” to the McMaster Institute or use WeChat to transfer funds to Philip’s account. If you would like to discuss or confirm sending significant amounts, please send an email to contact (at) McMasterInstitute .(com).




The 17 plus ONE Global Goals, (SDG’s) agreed upon by 195 nations around the world on September 25th 2015 are Blockchain Bethune’s guide. There is nothing in our world more important than addressing the 17 plus ONE Global Goals.


The 18th goal is ISRIndividual Social Responsibility – YOU – what are YOU doing in your daily life to help the world achieve the 17 goals by 2030?


Living a Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability LOHHAS


Combining the world’s Global Goals (awareness), the encouragement of Individual Social Responsibility (taking Direct Action) and the simple weekly ritual of SMILE ~ CHANGE ~ UNPLUG every “CHANGE WEDNESDAY” (repetition, purpose and sharing), Blockchain Bethune is trying to help those of us who need a NEW, NON-MONETARY WAY – ( through SOCIAL CREDIT ) – to incentivize / reward / compensate people for their contributions and work supporting our communities and societies,  and most importantly BE PREPARED for the inevitable adaptations required to live a LOHHAS lifestyle (eg Pollution and Climate Change) … finally attracting the benefits of UBI – Universal Basic Income for a Healthier, Happier more Sustainable life.


Amazing Race to SDG “Game” Project – Video from RARA LAKE

1 minute introduction to where the BLOCKCHAIN can make a REAL DIFFERENCE

Part of the SDGchallenge, the Amazing “Race to SDG” is a Quality, Sustainable Tourism program developing the use of Blockchain Technology (Distributed Ledger Technology, DLT) to register, incentivize, record and share the interactions between Caring, Quality Tourists and Local Communities to benefit the whole world.


These Social Credit interactions are designed to satisfy and benefit the needs of ALL parties and stakeholders –

A.) the desire for the tourist to have a unique, customized experience, transforming tourists from being Part Of the Problem (POP) to clearly being Part Of the Solution (POS) as consicous, respected and truly welcome travellers. Qualifying as a HIGH-QUALITY TOURIST.

B.) the desire of individuals within local communities to be respected, well regarded and to have the opportunity to succeed while remaining a valued member of the community. Qualifying as an “SDG FRIENDLY” COMMUNITY

C.) the need for communities to BALANCE Social, Environmental and Economic realities without losing their self-sovereignty, control over their lives and positive cultural values. HIGH QUALITY of LIFE, RESILIENT LOHHAS COMMUNITIES

D.) the opportunity for individual community members to benefit economically while also contributing to the overall wealth of the community. MANAGING EXPECTATIONS and PROTECTING the COMMONS as Part Of the Solution (POS)

E.) the need to differentiate, protect and promote the Unique Selling Propositions (USP’s) of each community, based on People, Place and Product. INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION OF LOCAL CONSUMPTION.  Accomplished by:

1.) encouraging cultural diversity and authentic presentation and sharing (People),

2.) maintaining a beautiful, authentic, unpolluted (physical, visual and sound) environment (Place)

3.) promoting exclusive and locally produced product to be consumed and enjoyed within local environmental conditions.

[image: Rhododendron Drink]

V2S – Value to Society – Earning SOCIAL CREDIT in the amazing Race to SDG

Individual Tourists and Community Members will earn “Points” and “SDGTokens” of appreciation from each other as they exchange information about how the Sustainable Development Goals are being addressed and solved in each community, acknowledging and reflecting the collective and Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) of visitors and members of the community.


Each participating tourist and representative community member will download a Caring Currency e-wallet

Destinations desiring to be listed in the Race to SDG will apply for evaluation and qualification by local student teams.

Starting with a limited number of pre-qualified, registered and listed “SDG-Friendly” destinations. Visiting tourists will be guided by the Nepal Tourism Board starting with visits to a set of promotional destinations.


“SDG Friendly” Destinations will be classified in 3 tiers of access for participants to achieve. Staring with 1, then 2 and finally 3.

(1) SDG Traveller – Common and easily accessible, festivals, typical long-term “tourist” destinations

(2) SDG Adventurer – Uncommon communities off the beaten path, newly identified “must see” communities,  Provincial and National Parks

(3) SDG Responsible Explorer – Exclusive, Restricted Access areas, Special Permits required for Culturally and Environmentally protected areas

Tourist traveling visitors and local community members will receive SDGtokens after completing Quizzes, Tasks or Contributions (QTC’s) at every level. Caring Currency points are non-transferable and cumulative but deactivated after exchange for SDG tokens. Tokens can be received, given and invested. Rankings and Ratings of individuals, enterprises and communities will appear on the SDG17index.


Everyone can visit and build up SDG Social Credit points in 1st level tourism destinations – common destinations and easily accessible festivals and tourism-ready communities. Generally speaking, interactions and tasks at this basic, common level are the least valuable, because they are easily arranged and there is a greater opportunity for interactions to be found – whether they are Quizzes, Tasks or Contributions (QTC’s).  Also, because of the greater complexity of the community and the ease with which individual interactions are obtained, there will be temptations for cheaters to try to misrepresent, shortcut, attempt to buy/sell or otherwise fraudulently obtain the points and SDGtokens. This is where the BLOCKCHAIN will shine. Participants will quickly learn that the underlying tracking system of the Race to SDG is infallible, and unlike other games, deception and shortcuts don’t win. The first level will be a familiarization or learning level, with greater margins of error for mistakes and miscalculations. Bonus points for posting #SDGchallenge – what I learned about solutions to the Global Goals in ………


At the next level up, (level 2) less developed regions off the main road, the opportunity to interact with locals is more limited and the seeking, finding and matching of SDG  Solutions in the Quizzes, Tasks and Contributions is more difficult to find. Naturally level 2 interactions are more valuable for both parties – the tourist “seeker”, the competitive ranking of the interacting local SDG community member and the defined SDG Friendly Community itself. Locations and Timestamped Blockchain Registered Points and Tokens from previous level 1 Checkpoints can open up secret paths to interesting and more valuable Quizzes, Tasks and Contribution opportunities in level 2, potentially revealing hidden treasures, [Easter eggs – Nepali equivalent?] all the while building up the traveller’s Social Credit faster by taking the “Road less travelled”  “off the beaten path”.  Easier access for those with larger followings on social media who share #SDGchallenge #RacetoSDG travel stories.


The top level (level 3) is the most difficult and restricted destination level to enter – you must have honestly earned adequate Caring Currency points and SDGtokens from both level 1 and level 2 to get the required permits for level 3. Maybe you are citizen-scientist, a teacher, a birdwatcher or flower-lover, a photographer,  filmmaker or social media blogger that will let the world know “How you got there”, “why it’s so special” and “the honour it is to be a guest of this community”. Being allowed to pass through the checkpoints at Level 3 represents the “prize” destinations of the country – Rara Lake – Everest – delicate places of rare and exclusive beauty where tourism impacts are high, but clearly welcoming to those who have earned their way. This level is also the masters’ level of interaction with local communities – remember the purpose of the Race to SDG – to achieve the 17 Global Goals by 2030 – So level 3 is where the model SDG Behaviour exists among the communities and visitors – everyone in the community is “on board” working to solve the goals – no litter, no pollution, carefully protected water sources, swift and severe punishment for those who damage the communities rating and ranking, and a civilized competition to be the most SDG-Friendly community in the world.

Some successes in the travels of  “BLOCKCHAIN BETHUNE”


Introducing the potential for a LOHHAS Lifestyle of Health, Happiness And Sustainability based on BLOCKCHAIN Technology – to serve the most vulnerable and power the SDG Challenge – the Sustainable Development Goals.

The McMaster Institute for Sustainable Development in Commerce

The Hong-Kong based McMaster Institute, named after the McMaster family and their generational characteristics of public service, care and safeguarding, intellectual anti-elitism, anti-fascism and general concern for the world, is applying to a UNICEF program to fund BLOCKCHAIN developments, that will – of course – help children.

As the African saying goes: “it takes a village to raise a child” therefore we fundamentally we need to improve the ISR (Individual Social Responsibility) of community members to immediately and urgently address the Sustainable Development Goals of ALL our human communities.

In his travels, Philip McMaster (aka Blockchain Bethune) has met UNICEF workers who support the efforts to develop new ways of funding / financing and expanding the opportunities for individuals to “Be Part Of the Solution” and be rewarded and supported for their altruistic efforts. The 3 minute video below is a rough introduction for the selections committee to understand our effort to create an open-source, peer-to-peer blockchain-based “Direct Donation” system to promote solving the SDG’s before 2030.

UPDATE April 26th 2018: We have been shortlisted by UNICEF to expand on our project – Looking for meaningful work? Join our team_\!/


Version 1

Version 2

The Spirit Of Bethune encourages the



The Spirit Of Bethune WAKES UP to the Challenge of the UNITED NATIONS 2017 Global Goals….

“I want YOU_\!/

…to live a Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability” (LOHHAS)


Go to www.17PlusOne for details…


Learn about Bethune on WeChat:

76th Anniversary of Bethune’s Death November 12th 1939, the PERSIMMON DINNER was bigger and more accessible.

November 12 2015 – The PERSIMMON DINNER featured Models of Sustainability, lots of Selfie3’s, the morphing of the Spirit Of Bethune into the Spirit Of SustainaClaus and another marvelous auction to raise funds for the World Sustainability Project

75th Anniversary of Bethune’s Death, the PERSIMMON DINNER was a happy occasion and a huge success.

See photos of the event and the PPT presented by Philip McMaster (DaLong)

75th Anniversary Spirit Of Bethune - Persimmon Dinner PPT Slides

The dinner was intended to mark the occasion in respect for the work of Dr. Norman Bethune, 75 years ago, and to recognize the medical community today.

The event was also an opportunity to explain the objectives of the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project and remind people about what we all really want – happiness.

A fun auction was held, with items supplied by Wang Tao, leader of the Green Woodpecker environment group in Beijing. The team from Green Woodpecker raised 815RMB through the auction –  enough to pay for the room rental and some of the supplies.

Chen Wei Min purchased Vegetarian Pizza for everyone as well as beer and tea.

A beautiful persimmon cake and persimmon fruit were donated by Ms. Bi of Sunshine Organic Farm and enjoyed by all.


3 Finger Wednesday, November 12th 2014 we’re observing the 75th anniversary of Dr. Norman Bethune’s death in China in 1939.

Vaguely known and largely misunderstood in Canada and the West, Bethune is known and revered by almost 20% of the worlds population and 100% of the Chinese people.

“That morning, as the men were trooping out of the village for the day’s labor in the fields, they saw Tung standing in the doorway of Yu’s house. They stopped at the courtyard wall and inquired after Bai Qiu En [Bethune].”

“He is dead”, Tung said. The day – November 12, 1939, twenty minutes after 5.00am.

–  from

The Peace Plus OneWorld Sustainability Project and 23month Campaign celebrate the influence one man had on the largest nation  in the world – demonstrating compassion, empathy, personal sacrifice, invention, innovation and skillful organization to lead and motivate Chinese people to look after each other and develop the skills to live a Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS).

The Persimmon Dinner

persimmonDinner..a friendly gathering to recognize and celebrate the artists of healing in our world

In November, the season of REMEMBRANCE , the World Sustainability Organization has created the “Persimmon Dinner” in honour of  Canadian Dr. Norman Bethune and all those individuals throughout history who have heroically and selflessly died in the service of healing mankind.

Persimmons and a cup of coffee were Bethune’s last meal

“Two days before his death, Dr. Norman Bethune was brought by stretcher to Huangshikou, a village in rural Hebei Province, China. He stayed there with Di Cuixing and his family. They tried to make him a chicken broth to help fight the infection he was suffering from, but he couldn’t stomach it. So they tried feeding him a persimmon, a local fruit which was then in season. Bethune enjoyed this and was able to eat two of the sweet fruits, along with a little coffee. This was to become his last meal, as he succumbed to blood poisoning early the following day.” –  from Parks Canada website

A dinner to recognize the art of healing people, not the art of war.

A dinner to celebrate a Life Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS)

web_BethuneDinner_DSC00368Join me, Philip McMaster (DaLong) in Beijing for the “Persimmon memorial dinner” on Wednesday evening, November 12th 2014 in Beijing.

SpiritOfBethune (a] gmail com

Everyone is welcome.




First Episode of DocuDrama online now (see below)


of “Warrior’s Heart” DocuDrama

if you missed the 1st episode live,  it will be rebroadcast at 7:30, 10:30 and 17:30 Sunday, Jan.6th

the 2nd episode will play on Monday, January 7th 2013 at 23:00

Watch the Trailer for Red Dream Catcher


今晚(1月5日) CCTV-9 23:00将播出纪录片《红色追梦人–战士的心(上)》,我在剧中扮演白求恩,期待你和你的朋友们收看!下集播出时间为1月7日晚23:00,重播时间是1月6日和8日下午17:00。如果想了解更多信息,请查看 宣传片网址为 你也可以在节目播出时与官方微博@cctv9纪录 互动!节目播出后在央视网 可以查到视频,谢谢!

WHAT IS “The Spirit Of Bethune”?

The Spirit of Bethune is an ATTITUDE, an APPROACH and a WAY of achieving the Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS) we all desire and the Ecological Civilization we must rebuild for ourselves and our children’s children.


The Spirit Of Bethune is not the man himself, it is the model of behaviour and interdependence he displayed, it is leading by example, with care and competence, it is approaching problems with deep systems thinking and not being satisfied with thinly applied, lazy solutions.


拍摄花絮 (16)


WIN_!/ (A)



Take Action, Make Action and WIN BIG_\!/

See Details Here


白求恩精神 Spirit of Bethune

Episodes 1 & 2 of The Warriors Heart


 Canadian Sustainability Advocate Philip McMaster (DaLong) portrays Canadian Dr. Norman Bethune in the “Red Dream Catcher” series on CCTV-9“The Warriors’ Heart”, Saturday, January 5th  at 23:00 (11pm)  and Monday January 7th also at 23:00.


1月5日和7日 23:00战士的心(上下) Dr. Norman Bethune


Online1: Episode 1 of The Warriors Heart

  Online 2: Episode 2 of The Warriors Heart

Please leave your comments about the two shows in the comment box below!

Another MAGIC 3

Significantly. the Bethune documentary, 3rd in a series of 6 Foreign Heroes of Chinese history after George Hatem (Video) and Joseph Needham,(video) places the first episode about Dr. Norman Bethune on an auspicious Saturday night January 5th, with the 2nd episode on Monday evening the 7th, then followed by other heroes Israel Epstein, Dr. Kotnis and Edgar Snow.


The Saturday night presentation puts World Sustainability Project founder Philip McMaster (大龙  DaLong) in a prestigious position, portraying one of China’s most famous and deeply respected heroes on a night when Chinese families can watch the TV together.

Seeing the parallels with his own efforts, 大龙  DaLong hopes viewers will discuss Bethune’s strengths and weaknesses, his ethics and selflessness and ask themselves how they can express the “Bethune Spirit” in their own lives and actions.

大龙 also invites viewers to join him online before the show Saturday for a Sustainable Dates event, bringing together people looking for a Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS).

Individual Social Responsibility

Every Chinese child knows the story of Bai Qiu En (Bethune), the only foreigner Mao Zedong honoured and encouraged the Chinese to follow in his writings at the founding of the New China.

In the 21st Century, Bethune’s character and his Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) has taken on new meaning and provides a contemporary example and reminder of attitudes and behaviours that we must encourage again, starting in China and around the world.


Only a few Chinese know DaLong (Philip McMaster), another man from Canada who, among his many Chinese friends is considered a living example of the “Bethune Spirit”, and was suggested by his friends to play the part of the real Bethune on CCTV.

International citizen and Friend of China

“I was honoured to be asked to play the part” says McMaster,  “no auditions, no pre-qualification,  one of my friends who knows what I have been doing in China for the past few years suggested to CCTV that I would be a good match for the part and they just called me up and gave me the part”… “Of course I am not as great as the real Bethune, but in a way I have also sacrificed my comfortable life in the beautiful city and clean environment of my hometown Montreal to devote my life to helping China return to the Ecological Civilization it once was.”


Soft Power Strategy: Make Friends

As China grows with economic and military power, DaLong (Philip McMaster) has a “soft power” strategy to address the emerging global crisis of Social, Environmental and Economic collapse: Make friends.

The wide ranging Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project which McMaster founded in China a few years ago focuses on the individual, and building the confidence and competence of the individual within society as the solution to virtually all our problems:

–         Make friends with yourself (Individual Confidence),

–         Make friends with and help your neighbours (Social Competence),  

–         Contribute to a powerful Ecological Civilization in China, (based on Responsibility within Original Chinese thought),

–         and help the government and business make friends internationally by becoming a nation of examples of sustainability, transparency and exporting what is good, useful and valuable about Chinese thought including Peace, Harmony and Balance.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

DaLong’s cornerstone program within the WSO-PPO-WSP* sustainability effort is called 3 Finger Wednesday or Balance Wednesday – the one day every week when we do 3 things to help people win friends and influence people around us, bringing China back toward an Ecological Civilization and model for the world, while enjoying a Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS).

Through understanding and practicing ISR, Individual Social Responsibility, participating in 3 Finger Wednesdays provides every citizen the opportunity to build their social skills, become part of the solution and prepare the Chinese Civilization for the uncertain world ahead.

*WSO-PPO-WSP= World Sustainability Organization – Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project

Background Information:

More information is available by searching “3FingerW” on Baidu and Google, and by visiting

please also enjoy the “Behind the Scenes” Photos of the CCTV Bethune production here:

wl_DalongWedding_MG_5413 wl_3Fspeech_5125

To CONTACT Philip McMaster for an interview please send an email BEFORE CALLING with the Subject Line: “URGENT – Interview for xxxxx” please include your name and phone number so we can tell him who will call and at what time.

Philip McMaster at gmail dt com (no spaces)

Current INTERVIEWS ABOUT the World Sustainability Project & Spirit Of Bethune:

_MG_7130 _MG_7096

_MG_7108 _MG_7110

Philip McMaster wears the cap and jacket uniform from “Warrior’s Heart” in an interview with Jules Page of China Now on China Radio International CRI

 Listen to the CRI broadcast on Wednesday January 9_\!/ (now in Archives)

General Page for CRI:

CRI permanent page with Philip McMaster interview:

See more Videos from the Set of “Warrior’s Heart” 《红色追梦人》  here at “Videos Links and Media(

or visit the direct source:

Beautiful, Sustainable China (03:11)  –

Chinese Description (g Mentioning DaLong) 2 白求恩精神 Bethune Spirit, Sustainability Spirit with 王长亮 (02:34)

Chinese Interview Ma Xi Ping World Sustainability Project 世界可持续发展工程 video from Shansi-Chahar-hopei 晋察冀 area, were residents speak about the 白求恩精神 Spirit of Bethune 可持续发展的精神 and Spirit of Sustainability explaining the 3 Finger “Peace Plus One” 和平+壹 Sustainability Symbol representing peace和平, balance 平衡and harmony 和谐between Society社会, Environment 环境and Economy 经济 (01:49)

3 Finger Wednesday – “The First thing we do is Smile” (02:22)

Happy 3 Finger Wednesday – (02:20)
International Citizen (ISR) – “Kind and Noble man” (3:05) –

Have a LOHAS MINUTE – 3finger Wed-3-2-29 DaLong大龙 – 3 Finger Wednesday in Sanxi China – (02:49) World Sustainability Project 世界可持续发展工程 video from China, were residents speak about the 白求恩精神 Spirit of Bethune 可持续发展的精神 and Spirit of Sustainability explaining the 3 Finger “Peace Plus One” 和平+壹 Sustainability Symbol representing peace和平, balance 平衡and harmony 和谐between Society社会, Environment 环境and Economy 经济

MAP OF CHINA DaLong’s Travels in China:


More information available by searching “3FingerW” on Baidu and Google, and by visiting  please also enjoy the “Behind the Scenes” Photos here:

Additional videos can be found here:   and here:


In response to “Portraying a Maoist”…

“I’m not sure how CCTV will edit and portray my portrayal of the character, but just to be clear, Bethune was a Communist Internationalist (which was very popular at the time), but not a “Maoist”, as far as I know.. (this was 1938… he met Mao briefly, once, to discuss getting support and supplies from the West, but not chatting about “Maoist” ideology I believe), as Bethune was against all war and violence, and used his immense talents and energy to undo damage inflicted on people by war around the world.
Later, the communist propaganda machine co-opted Bethune, reframing him as a fighter/warrior, but his actual actions, (like also treating Japanese soldiers in his surgeries), tell a different story. Considering current tensions over the islands, I don’t expect a very balanced portrayal, but we’ll see…together, on Saturday night!
BTW, I did my best to keep it apolitical, (“forgetting” to say certain things in the voice-over script) but of course I have no control over what we will see on Saturday and Monday!! (2 parts)
Please take a moment and make an effort to share this unique TELEVISION EVENT with your friends and associates…I hope many people watch the show together and it starts a meaningful discussion concerning the realities of contemporary China. “

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